Our Dallas dentists are committed to your complete oral health at every stage of life. While strong teeth are a top priority, Dr. Shaun Sigurdson and Dr. Mihir Patel also consider other factors, such as your gum health. At Lakewood Dental Group, our advanced technology and array of treatment options allow us to provide outstanding care for a healthy smile. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have and provide tips for maintaining good oral hygiene. 

Read on to learn more about common oral health questions. Then contact us with any additional concerns or to schedule an appointment. 

How do I choose a dentist?

To help in your search for a dental practitioner, consider the following:

  • Does this dentist have any advanced training?
  • What technology does he use?
  • Does the practice offer a complete range of treatments, including cosmetic dentistry?
  • If I have special oral health needs, such as misalignment or missing teeth, can this doctor address those concerns?
  • Does the dentist have specialties, such as Invisalign® or neuromuscular dentistry?
  • Is the office attractive and comfortable?
  • Do the dentist and hygienist have a good chairside manner?
  • Does the practice take my insurance or offer any special financing options?
  • How soon can I get scheduled in the event of an emergency?

What can I do for my chronic bad breath?

The right treatment for bad breath, or halitosis, will depend on the underlying cause. Sometimes, active decay or infection can lead to a bad odor, in which case you would require periodontal care, endodontic treatment, or restorative dentistry. In other cases, behaviors such as smoking, poor oral hygiene, or regular consumption of certain foods can cause bad breath. In these instances, your Lakewood dentist can advise lifestyle changes to reduce or eliminate odor. Bad breath can also be a symptom of an underlying health condition. Though this is less common, it is important to see a dentist for a definitive diagnosis if you have halitosis.

I am pregnant. How do I protect my oral health?

Expecting moms have an increased risk for both gum disease and dental decay due to hormonal changes and other factors. In turn, poor oral health can lead to tooth loss, preeclampsia, low birth weight, and premature delivery, among other concerns.

Many women worry that it is not safe to undergo dental treatment during pregnancy, but this is far from the truth! Preventive exams and cleanings are an important part of prenatal care. And if you have decay or gum disease, you should receive prompt treatment. Just be sure to tell your practitioner that you are expecting so that he can take appropriate precautions.

Does my teen need his wisdom teeth removed?

Some people have no problems when their wisdom teeth erupt, but most people do not have enough room in their mouths for these third molars. As a result, they may suffer from dental crowding or decay. Wisdom teeth may also become impacted, meaning they are trapped by another tooth or by a layer of gum tissue. With our advanced digital x-rays, Drs. Sigurdson and Patel can monitor the development of your child’s wisdom teeth and recommend extraction when appropriate. 

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