At Lakewood Dental Group, Dr. Shaun Sigurdson and Dr. Mihir Patel use an apex locator to help conduct root canal therapy. This electronic technology allows our dentists to measure the length of your root canal to administer the correct amount of treatment. Call our office at 214-827-1885 for more details about apex locators in Dallas, Texas, and schedule a visit with us.

Our dentists will use an endodontic apex locator during root canal treatments to measure the length of the root canal for proper treatment. It utilizes a mild electrical circuit to measure resistance, which is attached to two electrodes, one of which is gently hooked to the patient’s lip and the other which is attached to the end of the endodontic file.

After ensuring that the root canal is dry to prevent inaccurate readings caused by liquid interference, our dentists will carefully place the tip of the endodontic file (a very fine, straight surgical instrument) at the beginning of the root canal and begins to slowly lower it, avoiding the sides of the tooth or any metal fillings or crowns until it reaches the bottom of the canal. This allows our dentists to make a precise scan of the root canal depth, which helps us provide more complete treatment and prevent infection from returning to the affected tooth.

This simple device is easy to remove and is a trusted tool in our arsenal to help you find relief from toothaches caused by root canals. We invite you to learn more about endodontic apex locators by calling our office or scheduling an appointment with us.