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If you’re looking to revamp your appearance, then you’ve probably considered cosmetic dentistry treatments. However, some aesthetic treatments require more time, energy, and resources than many patients are willing to expend. That’s why it’s worth exploring simple yet effective treatments, like professional teeth whitening in Dallas, TX. Teeth whitening with a trained dental professional allows […]

If you’re looking to revamp your appearance, then you’ve probably considered cosmetic dentistry treatments. However, some aesthetic treatments require more time, energy, and resources than many patients are willing to expend. That’s why it’s worth exploring simple yet effective treatments, like professional teeth whitening in Dallas, TX.

Teeth whitening with a trained dental professional allows you more control over your results and desired aesthetic. You can choose customizable treatment methods that suit your needs and budget, helping you achieve the perfect shade for your new smile. If you’d like to explore professional teeth whitening in Dallas, TX, contact Lakewood Dental Group today. We’ll help verify your candidacy before recommending the perfect solution for you. Just call (214) 827-1885 to get started now!

Experts believe that some 45 million Americans have undergone professional teeth whitening in the hopes of a brighter smile. That translates to roughly 14% of the total population in the US! Clearly, there is a booming market for whiter smiles. But, even though this procedure is popular, patients often have a lot of questions about it. Here, we endeavor to answer your FAQs about teeth whitening in Dallas, TX.

What are the common causes of tooth discoloration?

Tooth discoloration can develop over time due to various factors, including:

  • Consumption of dark-colored foods and beverages
  • Smoking
  • Certain medications (like antihistamines and some antibiotics) 
  • Specific medical conditions (like eating disorders or liver disease) 
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Genetic factors

However, even with impeccable oral health, outstanding oral hygiene, and fantastic systemic health, it is still possible to develop dental staining over time. This is because, as we get older, our teeth naturally become less vibrant

While dental discoloration isn’t usually a health issue, understanding the cause is crucial in determining the most effective teeth whitening approach.

How does teeth whitening work?

Primarily, teeth whitening relies on the use of strong yet safe bleaching agents, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These agents help break down and remove stains on teeth without damaging dental enamel (the hard outer layer of teeth). 

There are plenty of ways to achieve a whiter smile using bleaching agents, including:

  • Over-the-counter whitening products (like toothpaste, mouthwash, or dental strips)
  • In-office treatments with a trained dentist
  • Professional take-home kits, complete with personalized whitening trays
  • Laser- or light-assisted whitening treatments  

When it comes to teeth whitening in Dallas, TX, nothing beats professional results. Sure, over-the-counter products are convenient, but they often deliver disappointing outcomes. Professional treatments, however, allow patients to work closely with their dentists to find the perfect whitening treatment to make a noticeable and long-term difference in their smiles. 

Are over-the-counter products as good as professional treatments?

In a word, no

While over-the-counter products are easy to attain and use, the results often fall far short of the expected outcome. This is because manufacturers can only use a certain percentage of whitening agents in their commercial products.

The limitation of whitening ingredients in over-the-counter products often leads to overuse and abuse. This is because it is easy to believe that “more is more” when it comes to teeth whitening. However, overusing or abusing store-bought whiteners can lead to gum irritation, tooth sensitivity, and other dental issues

On the other hand, professional treatments require careful planning under the supervision of a trained dental professional. This means that dentists can use higher concentrations of whitening agents to deliver more dramatic results in a fraction of the time of store-bought whiteners. This tailored approach helps patients avoid unnecessary pain without compromising their aesthetic desires.

What factors should I consider before getting my teeth whitened?

Another reason to opt for professional whitening over store-bought whiteners is the personalized approach to cosmetic dental care. When a dentist is involved in the whitening process, they can help patients consider factors like:

  • What existing dental work will look like after treatment
  • Whether a patient’s oral health is sufficient before treatment 
  • The exact cause of dental staining
  • Whether patients are ideal candidates for teeth-lightening
  • Whether medications and health conditions can affect expected outcomes

Ultimately, professional treatments provide patients with a level of care and safety that over-the-counter products just can’t offer

What are potential side effects, and how can I minimize the risk?

It is extremely common for both store-bought and professional teeth whiteners to cause temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. To avoid this risk, we recommend choosing products and treatments with lower concentrations of bleaching agents. 

And don’t forget – it is always best to consult with a dentist before whitening, especially for those with pre-existing dental issues.

How long will it take to notice results?

The time it takes to notice the results of teeth lightening can vary greatly from patient to patient, and it largely depends on the method used. For example, in-office treatments often yield immediate results, while at-home kits and over-the-counter products may take a few weeks

I have sensitive teeth. Can I still get my teeth whitened?

People with sensitive teeth can still undergo whitening in Dallas, TX, but it’s important to choose products specifically formulated for sensitivity. Lower concentrations of bleaching agents and desensitizing agents in toothpaste can help minimize discomfort.

Can I maintain my results through lifestyle changes?

There are plenty of lifestyle changes worth making to get the most out of whitening treatments, including:

  • Adopting good oral hygiene practices, including regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups
  • Limiting consumption of stain-causing foods and beverages
  • Avoiding tobacco products

How does oral hygiene affect whitening effectiveness?

Oral hygiene is integral to whitening effectiveness, both before and after treatment. Before treatment, professionally cleaned teeth allow whitening agents to penetrate more evenly and deeply, enhancing results

After whitening, good oral hygiene helps patients maintain their results by clearing away stain-causing debris and limiting noticeable plaque buildup. So, be sure to attend regular preventive dentistry appointments in addition to daily brushing and flossing!

What foods and beverages should I stay away from after whitening?

After teeth whitening in Dallas, TX, we recommend limiting or avoiding certain treats, like:

  • Dark fruits, including berries
  • Red wine
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Tumeric 
  • Dark chocolate

If patients do indulge in these tasty foods and drinks, we recommend rinsing the mouth out with water afterward. Rinsing the mouth or brushing teeth after consuming staining agents can help maintain the brightness of the teeth.

How often should I get my teeth whitened?

The frequency of teeth whitening treatments depends on individual factors, including the initial level of discoloration and lifestyle habits. While some may only need occasional touch-ups, others may opt for more frequent treatments. However, it’s essential to follow professional recommendations to avoid overuse and potential side effects.

Long-Lasting Teeth Whitening in Dallas, TX

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