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Get an insight into how dental restorations at Lakewood Dental Group can help save and transform your teeth, and learn which issues can be addressed and corrected using these procedures.

Decayed, missing, or otherwise damaged teeth can take a toll on your appearance and self-esteem. Equally significant, untreated dental damage can lead to additional oral health concerns. Fortunately, one of our experienced dentists in Dallas, TX can repair your teeth, restore your smile, and protect your long-term oral wellness.

At Lakewood Dental Group, Drs. Shaun Sigurdson and Mihir Patel proudly offer a full range of restorative treatments using advanced materials.

Dental Fillings

A filling is the most common restorative dentistry solution if you have suffered dental decay. Before placing a filling, Dr. Sigurdson or Dr. Patel will gently clean your tooth and remove any decayed tissue. Depending on the depth and degree of decay, your Lakewood dentist may also line the inside of your tooth. Then he will place the composite resin filling.

Unlike older metal fillings, composite is chosen to match the shade of your teeth. You will never have to worry about the material showing through and affecting the color of your smile. Your dentist will apply the filling in layers, using a curing light to harden each layer. Finally, he will trim the material, if necessary, and polish the filling to give it a natural sparkle.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a versatile restoration that can repair even severely damaged teeth. A crown may be appropriate if you have suffered any of the following concerns:

  • Decay that is too extensive for a filling
  • A cracked or broken tooth
  • A dental infection that necessitates root canal therapy
  • A severely worn tooth

To place a crown, Dr. Sigurdson or Dr. Patel will first reshape the outside of your tooth, removing any damaged tissue and making room for the restoration. Then he will take impressions of your tooth with our iTero® digital scanner. This advanced tool provides incredibly precise images, allowing the lab to fabricate a crown that is a near-perfect match to your natural teeth.

Once the crown is complete, your dentist will attach the restoration with composite resin.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a common way to replace missing teeth. Bridges are made of two crowns with one or more replacement teeth, or pontics, in between. To place a bridge, Dr. Sigurdson or Dr. Patel will reshape the teeth on either side of the gap in your smile. Then, just as he would place a single crown, he will take digital impressions of your teeth. After the lab has fabricated your bridge, your dentist will attach the restoration.

Not only will a bridge restore your appearance and your ability to bite and chew, it can also prevent other serious health issues. For instance, when you do not replace missing teeth, your other teeth can shift to fill in this gap. In turn, you could experience severe bite misalignment, wear and tear on your teeth, and chronic jaw pain.

In addition to traditional bridges, implant-supported crowns and bridges can restore missing teeth. If you are considering dental implants, Dr. Sigurdson or Dr. Patel can evaluate your candidacy. Then he may perform your implant placement or refer you to a specialist for surgery.

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