8 Reasons to Choose Invisalign®

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Orthodontia can have untold benefits – for your appearance, your oral health, and your self-confidence. But many people, especially adults and older teens, are hesitant to undergo treatment. They may be embarrassed by their smiles, but they feel they would be far more embarrassed by metal braces. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to consider Invisalign! 

At Lakewood Dental Group, Drs. Shaun Sigurdson and Mihil Patel offer Invisalign to patients from around the Dallas area. The subtlety of the aligners makes Invisalign an ideal option for older teens and working professionals. Most importantly, the treatment really works and is comparable to standard braces in most instances! 

Below are eight of the top benefits of Invisalign. Ready to find out if the treatment is right for you? Contact our Dallas, TX, office today. 

1. The Treatment Is Effective.

Many patients assume that Invisalign will only work if they want a cosmetic enhancement. They believe that only traditional braces can address widespread misalignment or bite imbalance. In fact, Invisalign can effectively treat most minor to moderate orthodontic concerns. One large review of clinical literature found that in cases that do not require tooth extraction, Invisalign can be a viable alternative to braces.

Invisalign can be a great option for any of the following: 

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Open bites
  • Cross bites
  • Gapped teeth
  • Rotated teeth

2. Treatment Is Fully Customized.

Invisalign uses the latest technology for completely personalized care. When you first visit our Dallas office, Dr. Sigurdson or Dr. Patel will take digital scans of your teeth. These scans are much more accurate than traditional molds, and your dentist can immediately upload them to an office computer. There, he will design a set of aligners.

Each aligner will have a somewhat different shape. Using Invisalign mapping software, your dentist will determine the exact pressure needed to gradually shift each tooth.

New additions to Invisalign technology make the treatment even more effective for complex issues. Tooth-colored SmartForce® attachments can be affixed to your teeth before or during Invisalign treatment. These three-dimensional devices can ensure that your aligners apply the correct amount of force in the right direction. 

Additionally, precision wings may be appropriate for teens who suffer from an overbite. This feature gently pushes the lower jaw forward to align the upper and lower dental arches.

3. Invisalign Can Enhance Your Oral Health.

Just like standard braces, Invisalign can have immense benefits for your oral wellness. Crooked teeth may be more prone to decay since food can become trapped between overlapping teeth. Moreover, if you suffer from a misaligned bite, you may be subject to tooth erosion or cracked teeth due to the uneven force. Malocclusion can also increase your risk for jaw pain and TMJ Disorder. 

By straightening your teeth and improving your bite, orthodontia can help to prevent these problems and ensure lifelong oral health

At the same time, traditional braces themselves can increase your risk for tooth decay. Food can easily become trapped beneath brackets and wires, and it may be difficult to dislodge, even with regular brushing and flossing. Many patients also experience tooth discoloration with braces. 

Since Invisalign trays are removable, you can take them off for improved dental hygiene. Thus, they pose no risk to your oral health.

4. Invisalign Can Improve Your Self-Esteem.

29% of Americans say that teeth are the first thing they notice about someone when meeting them for the first time. Additionally, 2 in 5 Americans say they would not go on a second date with someone who had crooked teeth. It’s no wonder that you feel self-conscious if your smile is less than perfect.

Invisalign can improve your self-image, giving you a noticeably straighter smile in as little as six months. Even those who must continue with Invisalign for longer typically notice some improvement after just six weeks.  

5. The Aligners Are Subtle and Comfortable.

Invisalign trays are made from SmartTrack® material. This innovative plastic is durable and makes the aligners comfortable to take on and off. Plus, unlike braces, the outer surface is completely smooth. Thus, Invisalign will not irritate your lips, cheeks, and gums. 

Perhaps most importantly, the aligners are extremely discreet. Even an arm’s length away, most people will not be able to tell that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. 

6. Treatment Is Convenient.

Because Invisalign trays are removable, you can continue to eat all your favorite foods, even whole fruits, popcorn, gummies, and other treats that would be off-limits with standard braces. Just be sure to brush and floss after eating and before putting your appliance back in your mouth. 

At the same time, although the aligners are removable, you should still wear them 20-22 hours a day.

7. Invisalign Is Usually Covered by Insurance.

When you choose Invisalign for health reasons, insurance will usually cover 25 to 50% of the cost. The total price will vary and will depend on the complexity of your misalignment. It will also hinge upon whether you wear your aligners as instructed since failure to do so will result in longer treatment. 

To help you with the portion of your Invisalign treatment that is not covered by insurance, our Dallas office offers third-party financing through both CareCredit® and LendingClub.  

8. You Can Enjoy Permanent Results. 

When you follow treatment protocol, Invisalign can give you a straighter, healthier smile for life.

It is important to note, however, that once you stop wearing the aligners, your teeth will automatically start to move back. To keep this from happening, Dr. Sigurdson or Dr. Patel will provide a custom-made retainer. Be sure to wear this appliance as instructed. At first, you may need to wear it for most of the day. Eventually, however, most patients will only need to keep their retainers in at night. 

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