Family Dentistry: What Family Dentists Do and How to Find One

If you grew up muddling through life without regularly visiting the dentist, you might be paying the price for it now. Plus, if you’ve started a family, you likely don’t want your kids to go through the same struggles. Even if you’ve neglected your oral health in the past, the time for improvement is now. […]

If you grew up muddling through life without regularly visiting the dentist, you might be paying the price for it now. Plus, if you’ve started a family, you likely don’t want your kids to go through the same struggles. Even if you’ve neglected your oral health in the past, the time for improvement is now. Choosing a general and family dentistry office, like Lakewood Dental Group in Dallas, TX, might be one of the best decisions that you could ever make for your family. Find out more information about family dentistry by contacting us online and continue reading along.

What do family dentists do?

Family dentists are responsible for treating patients of all ages. For instance, Lakewood Dental Group focuses on caring for patients aged 13 and up. They serve as a one-stop dental shop by offering a wide range of services, including teeth cleaning, cosmetic dentistry, and even endodontics, among others in their East Dallas location.

Benefits of Trusting Our Dallas General and Family Dentistry

Beyond convenience, the nature of family dentistry provides many benefits, including:

1. Offer a Wide Range of Services in One Convenient Location

Outside of preventative care, our professional and reliable family dentists offer a comprehensive list of services to help take care of most of your family’s dentistry needs, including:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Improving the way your smile looks through veneers and more
  • Restorative Dentistry: Replacing severely damaged or missing teeth through prosthetic dentistry and dental implants
  • Orthodontics: Straightening the teeth via Invisalign® clear aligner therapy
  • Endodontics: Repairing damaged root tissue and root pulp (for example, root canal therapy)
  • Periodontics: Help patients halt the progression of gum disease and manage  the adverse effects (such as crown lengthening)

2. Handle Dental Emergencies in Dallas

We can’t predict when dental emergencies will happen. But we can provide emergency dental care in hands that you can trust. If you choose Lakewood Dental Group, you luckily won’t have to type “emergency dentist” near me. Just give our East Dallas dental office a call at 214-827-1885! We’ll pencil you or your loved one in as soon as possible.

3. Maximize Convenience

Chances are, you already bus around your teens and family members enough. Instead, simplify your life by making one appointment for the whole family. So, it would be ideal if you didn’t have to waste vacation days for multiple appointments on different days.

4. Keep Up Developmental Milestones and Offer Appropriate Patient Education

Because your mouth changes as you develop, it’s essential to know how to take care of your smile at every stage of life. Our team can patiently teach you the best techniques in preventative practices to help keep your teeth, gums, and supporting tissues strong and healthy for as long as possible.

For example, third molars (wisdom teeth) typically emerge around adolescence. Here’s the thing: tooth eruption at any age can be uncomfortable. So, suppose your teen is complaining about tooth pain. In that case, your family dentist can coach them about this aspect of their development and keep an eye on his or her wisdom teeth before they have an opportunity to become troublesome.

5. Your Family Dentists Know Your Family’s Dental History

Many patients are shocked to discover how important their medical history is for dental care since there are many interrelationships between general wellness and oral health. When your Lakewood dentist is aware of your diseases, medication, sensitivities, and allergies, he can adequately suggest dental treatments and medications that complement your biology.

Additionally, your proactive Lakewood Dental Group family dentist will identify novel symptoms since your last check-up, permitting him to take action. Likewise, some oral health issues are inherited, and understanding your entire family’s history helps family dentists be hyper-vigilant in treatment.

6. Establish a Lasting, Trusting Relationship

Trust and healthcare outcomes have a complex yet essential connection. According to a recent meta-analysis, patients report more positive health behaviors, higher satisfaction, a higher health-related quality of life, and fewer symptoms when they entrust their healthcare professionals. Furthermore, trust helps patients and family dentists communicate openly and honestly to ensure accurate diagnoses and treatment.

7.      Facilitate a Habit of Regular, Consistent Care

Generally, people visit their family dentist at least every six months for check-ups and cleaning. Frequent family dentistry visits help prevent and detect oral health issues, such as cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. Confiding in a Dallas family dentist means that you should be more assured in scheduling repeat appointments and receiving consistent care.

8. Reduce Dental Anxiety

Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are imperative to excellent oral health. But if your family is afraid, likely, they won’t want to go. Along with cost and inability to find a convenient location or appointment time, fear of the dentist is one of the top reasons adults allude to for avoiding the dentist.

Dental anxiety and phobia are serious issues that people of all ages combat. If one or more of your family members suffers from dental anxiety and phobia, it may ease tension to schedule family dental check-ups together. Also, going to the same family dentistry office from a young age into adulthood eases anxiety because it creates a sense of familiarity and stability.

9. Affordable Family Dentistry in Dallas

As a general and family dentistry, we firmly believe that affordability is one of the most important aspects of dental care. For this reason, we strive to offer services that meet your budget and offer many financing services to help you afford the care that your family needs. Along with most PPO dental insurances, we accept many payment options, work with third-party lenders, and offer the Lakewood Dental Group Membership plan.

How to Find a Top-Notch Family Dentistry in Dallas

Lifelong family dentistry can be advantageous for your family, and your family deserves professional family dentistry that they can rely on. Besides all the benefits listed above, our family dentistry practitioners also keep up with contemporary technology, techniques, and best practices. Lakewood Dental Group is here for you and your family. So, meet one of our highly-rated family dentists by calling 214-827-1885 or messaging us online.

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