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Are you new to the Dallas, TX area? If so, one item on your laundry list of honey-dos might be finding a new dental office for you and your family. After typing “good dental office near me” in your favorite search engine, you might feel overwhelmed by all the dental office options in your neighborhood […]

Are you new to the Dallas, TX area? If so, one item on your laundry list of honey-dos might be finding a new dental office for you and your family. After typing “good dental office near me” in your favorite search engine, you might feel overwhelmed by all the dental office options in your neighborhood and surrounding areas. As you sift through the dental offices in our area, use this guide to look out for “green flags” before committing to Dallas dentists.

Fortunately, you can discern some aspects of a dental office with a well-orchestrated, organized website. Others might warrant scheduling an in-person visit. Regardless, your family deserves the best dental care possible, and here are eight clues that you’ve found a great dental office:

1. Highly Skilled, Knowledgeable Dentists

To become a licensed dentist in the United States, you must obtain the proper education (undergraduate and dental school), gain the skills to perform dentistry through residency, and pass exams to become certified. Beyond the basic dentist requirements, our Lakewood Dental Group dentists (Dr. Shaun Sigurdson and Dr. Mihir Patel) take satisfaction in providing kind service, continuously developing their skills, and even speaking Spanish.

2. Compassionate, Skilled Dental Team

We’ve lucky to have our dental hygienist, Ellie Hammack, who has been a part of the Lakewood Dental Group team since last October. She enjoys building genuine relationships with her patients while helping them feel comfortable and relaxed during dental cleanings. Furthermore, Ellie patiently educates our patients about best practices in dental hygiene.

3. Access to Contemporary Technology

Dental technology is constantly evolving, and investing in contemporary yet proven technology pays off for the patient. Advanced technology, such as the iTero® Digital scanner, offers patients a safer, faster, more accurate, and more comfortable experience. From seamless paperless carting to digital x-rays, feel free to ask about the contemporary technology we have to offer at your next in-patient dental office visit.

4. A Commitment to Continuing Education

As previously mentioned, dentistry is continuously changing. So, responsive dentists must continuously grow in their knowledge and skills to ensure optimal patient care. Each state’s licensing boards have minimal requirements for continuing education hours. For example, Texas dentists must collect a minimum of 24 hours of appropriate continuing education. However, you should pick a dentist that invests in providing you the best quality care by completing more than the bare minimum.

5. An Organized, Clean, and Comfortable Dental Office Environment

The “feel” of a dental office is crucial, and how a dental office presents itself physically can tell a lot about the quality of dental care its team provides. Clean public spaces and organized dental workstation infers initiative, pride, and a customer-centered culture. Also, most people want to receive care in a safe, sterilized environment.

Besides organization and cleanliness, comfort is also essential. For example, we chose a cool color scheme with shades of blue and gray. Because cool colors recede from the eye, they provide a sense of tranquility and relaxation. When designing our East Dallas dental office, we put forth a lot of intention and attention to detail. In fact, we can’t wait to show it off! So, click here to go on a virtual Lakewood Dental Group office tour.

6. Drilling Down on Dental Costs

Compared to other health care, Americans are more likely to avoid essential dental care because of cost. While our dental office accepts traditional forms of payment, third-party lending, and most PPO dental insurances, we also offer an in-house membership plan to drill down on costs associated with a wide range of treatments, including 15% off minor and major treatments.

7. An Extensive Scope of Services

One of the reasons we offer extensive preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dental services is to pave the way to more access for our community. By committing to improving access to quality care, our Lakewood Dental Group dentists help patients lead healthier lives.

8. Positive Patient Reviews

Above all, don’t listen to what we have to say out our dental office. Our loyal patients and five-star Google reviews speak for themselves. Here are some of the things that our past patients have said about us:

  • “I recently made the switch to a practice closer to home. Dr. Patel and all the staff at the practice are very friendly, helpful, and professional… I just had the permanent crown put on, and I am very happy!! They also have very reasonable pricing. I am so glad I gave this small practice a try! Dr. Patel is so knowledgeable, skilled, and is also just a nice guy.”
  • “Lakewood Dental Group has a fantastic staff! Everyone is friendly and informative. They provide a professional and comforting environment. If you want to feel like your teeth are safe and are in a place where you can always ask questions and be heard. This is the place for you! I’m never going anywhere else!”
  • “I saw Dr. Patel for the 1st time last week. I was anxious, but after seeing him, I felt relaxed! I just saw his hygienist (Ellie), and she was so gentle, thorough, and interesting to chat to! I’m so pleased I found someone I trust to look after my teeth and gums!”

Do you have more questions about finding an excellent dental office in Dallas, TX?

Now that you’ve learned these eight tips, you can confidently choose a preferred dental office to support you and your family. Here’s the thing. It would be best if you didn’t go to the dentist only when you have a dental problem that needs to be handled. Regularly visiting the dentist is vital to ensure good oral and overall health. Therefore, finding a Dallas dental office with a good reputation makes you feel more confident, comfortable, and safe makes sense.

Choosing a new dental office for your family shouldn’t be difficult, especially if you opt to go with Lakewood Dental Group. So, call 214-827-1885 or message us online to confirm your next dental appointment in Dallas, TX.

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