Lakewood Dental New Year, New You: Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments to Transform Your Smile

A captivating smile is often regarded as a powerful expression of confidence and charm. Thanks to the continuous evolution of cosmetic dentistry, achieving the perfect smile is more achievable than ever.  Are you looking to totally transform your appearance and confidence in 2024? Cosmetic dentistry with the team at Lakewood Dental Group can help! Getting […]

A captivating smile is often regarded as a powerful expression of confidence and charm. Thanks to the continuous evolution of cosmetic dentistry, achieving the perfect smile is more achievable than ever. 

Are you looking to totally transform your appearance and confidence in 2024? Cosmetic dentistry with the team at Lakewood Dental Group can help! Getting started is easy – just call our Dallas, TX, dental office at (214) 827-1885 to request your consultation now!

In today’s blog, we want to dive into various cosmetic dentistry treatments to help you find solutions that benefit your mouth, mind, and body. Here, we give you all the information you need about aesthetic dental treatments, their advantages, costs, and lifespans

Teeth Whitening

Is getting a bright, gleaming smile one of your New Year’s resolutions? Teeth whitening can help!

This widely sought-after cosmetic dentistry procedure is a safe and effective way for patients to create their perfect smiles. By lifting stains from teeth, these treatments can lighten the color of teeth by several shades, making a major impact on your appearance.

While many dental offices only offer in-office treatments, our team provides personalized, at-home whitening kits. These kits are prescription-strength and tailored to your exact needs. This means that you can get in-office results from the comfort of your own home!


The advantages of professional teeth whitening are myriad. However, the major perks include:

  • Rapid results
  • Tailored treatment planning
  • Flexibility and convenience


There are very few downsides to getting a gleaming, white smile with professional brightening treatments. Nonetheless, there are a few minor disadvantages patients should know about, including:

  • In-office treatments may cause temporary tooth sensitivity or gum irritation
  • At-home results depend on consistent and proper use


The cost of teeth whitening can change depending on the dentist’s location and the type of treatment provided. However, most patients can expect in-office treatments to run about $500 to $1,000, while at-home kits may cost between $100 and $500.


The results of teeth lightening are subject to oral hygiene practices and lifestyle factors (like tobacco use). With proper lifestyle choices and oral upkeep, many patients can get years out of their whitening treatments

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are incredible, tooth-like coverings that a dentist bonds to the front surface of teeth marred by:

  • Discoloration
  • Damage
  • Wear
  • Large gaps

The procedure is a lifelong commitment, as the treatment requires the removal of some tooth enamel to make room for the veneer. However, the payoff is tremendous, as the results provide a seamless and natural look


For many patients, veneers are a game-changer, offering benefits like:

  • Dramatic improvements in aesthetics by hiding various imperfections
  • Stain-resistance and durability
  • Long-lasting, natural results


While the disadvantages shouldn’t deter patients from exploring this treatment, there are some factors to consider, such as:

  • It is an irreversible process due to enamel removal
  • The procedure can be a bit pricey, depending on the extent of treatment and materials used.


As mentioned above, porcelain veneers may come with a hefty price tag. Typically, veneer treatment ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 per tooth.


The good news is that veneers are well worth the investment. With proper care, veneers can last 10-15 years, providing long-term benefits.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a remarkable restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatment. These artificial tooth roots provide a permanent solution for missing teeth, mimicking both their function and appearance.

The procedure involves surgically placing a titanium implant into the mandible or maxilla (lower or upper jawbone), providing a stable foundation for a dental restoration, like crowns, dentures, or bridges.


This cosmetic dentistry treatment offers plenty of advantages, but a few really stick out, including:

  • Restoration of both function and aesthetics, allowing for natural chewing and speaking
  • Long-lasting and durable, often surpassing other tooth replacement options
  • Preservation of bone and nerve health


While there are few disadvantages, patients should know that dental implants:

  • Involve a surgical procedure, with the potential for postoperative discomfort
  • Require a lengthy healing period
  • Have a higher upfront cost compared to alternatives


Dental implant costs vary, ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 for a single implant, excluding additional procedures (like bone grafting). However, this cost is reflective of the long-term success rate that implants carry.


Dental implants are a worthwhile investment, as they are intended to last patients for a lifetime. Proper care and wise lifestyle choices can ensure an implant’s longevity.


Invisalign is a modern and effective take on antiquated orthodontia (like traditional braces). The system employs clear aligners to gradually straighten teeth. Dentists carefully plan and create each set of aligner trays for each patient, providing a personalized and discreet approach to cosmetic dentistry.


There is a reason that Invisalign is so popular. Patients love:

  • The aesthetic appeal of clear aligners
  • The freedom to eat and live with removable aligners
  • The unsurpassed convenience


The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, but some do exist, including:

  • Invisalign is not suitable for severe orthodontic issues
  • Treatment requires extreme patient discipline, as aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours daily


Many factors can affect pricing, but most patients can expect Invisalign treatment to run them about $3,000 to $8,000.


To ensure permanent results, patients must wear retainers nightly for an extended period. This ensures that teeth become accustomed to their new positions without risking migration back to their original locations. 

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a versatile and cost-effective cosmetic dentistry solution that patients can explore for repairing chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth. It involves applying a durable, tooth-colored substance (called composite resin) to teeth, which is then artfully shaped and polished.


This cosmetic dentistry procedure offers a wide range of perks, including:

  • Quick and cost-effective treatment, often completed in a single dental visit
  • Minimal enamel removal, preserving the natural structure of the tooth
  • Long-lasting yet reversible results


Some downsides of dental bonding may include:

  • Chipping or staining over time, requiring periodic touch-ups
  • Not as durable as some alternatives, making it more suitable for minor cosmetic issues.


Dental bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments available to patients. Patients can expect treatment to range from $300 to $600 per tooth.


While the lifespan of dental bonding may not be as long as other treatments (roughly 10 years), proper care and maintenance can help patients get several more years from their treatment. 

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