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Illustration of how dental crowns fit over natural teeth

Dental crowns (sometimes called tooth crowns or dental caps) are dental restorations that completely cover a damaged tooth or dental implant. Dentists commonly recommend them to restore a tooth’s function, appearance, and shape.

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Dentists can use tooth caps to fix a variety of dental problems such as decay, cracks, and fractures. But, did you know that dental crowns have plenty of cosmetic purposes, too? In today’s blog, we explore dental crowns and their many uses. From types to costs, we cover it all!

Why get dental crowns?

There are numerous reasons why a dentist or prosthodontist may recommend a dental crown. Common reasons may include:

Covering Weak Teeth

A dentist may recommend dental crowns for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is to protect a weakened tooth

A weakened tooth can be due to decay, a large filling, or root canal treatment. The dental crown helps to protect the tooth from further damage and provides additional strength and support to the tooth.

Improving Oral Aesthetics

Another reason why a dentist may recommend dental crowns is to improve the appearance of a damaged tooth. This is because dentists can use dental crowns to cover discolored, misshapen, or poorly positioned teeth. Patients can also use them to restore a chipped or broken tooth.

Securing Large Restorations

Dental bridges are common dental prostheses that frequently employ the help of dental crowns to hold their position in the mouth. Usually, crowns sit on either side of a false tooth (or teeth). A dentist can use these crowns to attach the bridge to healthy, neighboring teeth.

Completing a Dental Implant

Dental implants are tiny, little, titanium rods that a skilled oral surgeon or trained dental professional can use to replace missing tooth roots. Once the implant fully heals, then the dental professional can use a completely lifelike dental crown to complete the implant and restore the patient’s oral function.

Finishing Root Canal Therapy

A root canal infection is a bacterial overgrowth that occurs deep inside a tooth. Root canal therapy helps remove the infection to restore the tooth’s original strength and function. To accomplish this, a dentist must use a custom-made dental crown to permanently cover the treated tooth.

How are dental crowns made?

Typically, a dental laboratory makes dental caps. But first, the dentist must take an impression of the tooth that needs the crown and the teeth surrounding it. After taking the impression, the dentist sends it to the dental laboratory where they custom-make the prosthesis

In some cases, the dentist may use computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to create the dental crown in the dental office. Dentists with CAD/CAM take a digital impression of the tooth and the surrounding teeth using a special camera. Then, they send the impression to a milling machine that creates the tooth cap from a block of ceramic or composite resin. Sometimes, dentists with CAD/CAM can create same-day crowns while you relax chairside!

What materials do dentists use to make tooth caps?

Dental professionals can create dental restorations from various materials. However, the most common materials that dentists use are ceramic, metal, or a combination of both.


Dental professionals use porcelain or zirconia to fabricate ceramic dental caps. These kinds of crowns are the most aesthetically pleasing, as they can be matched to the color of the surrounding teeth. Ceramic crowns are also biocompatible, meaning they are not harmful to the body.


Dentists and prosthodontists can use gold, silver, or other metal alloys to create metal dental crowns. They are very strong and durable and are ideal for molars that require a lot of force to chew food. Metal crowns are not as aesthetically pleasing as ceramic crowns as they are not tooth-colored.

Ceramic-Metal Combination

A dental professional can use a combination of ceramic and metal to create a dental crown. The metal provides strength to the crown, while the ceramic provides a natural finish.

How much do dental crowns cost?

When it comes to the cost of a dental cap, many things can influence the overall price, such as:

Materials Used

One of the most significant factors that can affect the cost of a dental crown is the type of material used. For example, ceramic crowns (which are the most aesthetically-pleasing choice) can cost as much as $1,000 per tooth. Metal crowns are more affordable at roughly $900 per tooth, and ceramic-fused-to-metal crowns are also similarly priced.

Case Complexity

The complexity of the dental procedure can also impact the total cost of a dental crown. If the tooth requires extensive preparation or additional procedures (such as root canal therapy) the cost may increase. 

Dentist Experience

The experience and skill level of the dentist can play a role in the cost of a dental crown. More experienced and specialized dentists (like a prosthodontist) may charge higher fees for their services. However, less experienced dentists may have affordable fees to get patients interested in their services.

Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance coverage (or the lack thereof) often precludes patients from getting the dental procedures they require. For the most part, dental insurance plans cover (either fully or partially) dental crowns if they are used to restore a tooth’s normal function. However, insurance companies may not cover (fully or partially) dental crowns that patients use for cosmetic reasons.

Always be sure to ask your dental team for a quote on upcoming work and to verify your insurance coverage for all anticipated treatments.

Dental Crowns in Dallas, TX

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