Cosmetic Dentistry: Smile Analysis and Makeovers

When you inspect your teeth after brushing each morning, are you concerned about the overall appearance of your smile? Flaws like tooth stains, oddly or widely spaced teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, missing teeth, and old dental work may detract from your awesome personality, particularly when you meet new people.  Smile imperfections can make you […]

When you inspect your teeth after brushing each morning, are you concerned about the overall appearance of your smile? Flaws like tooth stains, oddly or widely spaced teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, missing teeth, and old dental work may detract from your awesome personality, particularly when you meet new people. 

Smile imperfections can make you uneasy about smiling in public, and for good reason. Studies show that people with an attractive smile are viewed as more intelligent, successful, and friendly than those with a lackluster smile. In Dallas, Dr. Shaun Sigurdson and Dr. Mahir Patel offer technology-aided smile analysis and complete smile makeovers using the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry.

In today’s blog, we’ll cover:

  • In-depth smile analysis
  • Cosmetic dental treatments
  • Smile makeover planning
  • How to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation

In-depth Smile Analysis

Those flaws you noticed in your smile are obvious, but underlying structures may contribute to your dental issues. In smile analysis, we look at dental alignment, bone structure, tooth shape, and gum tissue in addition to noting the more obvious esthetic problems. We employ technology to aid the dentists in smile analysis, so they have a complete understanding of your unique mouth before treatment planning. 

Our digital X-rays subject patients to only a fraction of the radiation of traditional X-rays. They also provide us with highly detailed images that we can magnify to see details of the structures not visible to the human eye. In addition to X-rays, the dentists use intraoral cameras to take surface images of your teeth and gums. Finally, we may take iTero digital scans of your mouth for 3D depictions of your mouth and dentition. These imaging tools provide us with information essential to precision treatment planning.

e a one-on-one consultation to discuss cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Sigurdson or Dr. Patel. 

Smile Makeover Planning

We begin a smile makeover plan by addressing oral health concerns first, before approaching cosmetic dentistry treatments. Good gum health and dental health are imperative because your cosmetic dentistry needs to endure for years to come. By correcting issues like gum disease, tooth loss, tooth decay, cracks, chips, oral cancer, and malocclusion, we will set you and your new smile up for a long, happy relationship. When possible, the restorative dentistry our dentists perform utilizes strong, natural-looking dental materials, instead of metal, to contribute to your all-white, healthy, and healthy-looking new smile.

After health concerns are addressed, cosmetic dental enhancements can begin. Depending on the goals and expectations you expressed in your consultation, the dentist will carefully craft a smile makeover plan to create your best smile–healthy, strong, and unforgettable!

 Cosmetic Dentistry

In our Dallas dental practice, we can provide these services to enhance a patient’s smile:

  • White crowns and fillings – restore decay, cracks, chips, and other structural issues
  • Porcelain veneers – transform the appearance of front teeth
  • Cosmetic bonding – add structure to teeth that are chipped, oddly shaped, or widely spaced
  • Cosmetic contouring – smooths the rough, sharp edges of teeth for a softer appearance
  • Gum contouring – reshapes gum tissue to make teeth appear even and adequately sized
  • Invisalign clear orthodontic aligners – correct dental misalignments and malocclusion with removable, transparent aligners

Dental Work Won’t Last Forever

You need to understand the life expectancy of dental restorations. Note that dental work, regardless of maintaining good oral health habits, will not last forever. On the contrary, dental materials are strong, durable, and reliable. However, they may wear down, discolor, and lose their seal over time.

If you have or develop malocclusion, TMJ disorder, or bruxism, your dental restorations may wear out earlier than expected. This is why it’s vital that we establish good oral health and occlusion before performing cosmetic dentistry.

Here’s a brief explanation of the estimated longevity of dental restorations, treatments, and prosthetics for patients who maintain good oral health and dental habits:

  • Fillings and Bonding: composite, white fillings or bonding lasts 5-7 years
  • Crowns – ceramic dental crowns last 5-15 years
  • Bridges – 5-15 years
  • Partial Dentures – up to 15 years
  • Full Dentures – about 10 years
  • Dental Implants – while the implant post can last forever, implant crowns generally last 10 years
  • Periodontal Treatment – gum disease is chronic, so once you develop the condition, it can flare up at any time; ongoing hygienist visits are required and should be scheduled at intervals determined by the hygienist; six-month checkups and cleanings are essential
  • Veneers – 20+ years
  • Invisalign – wear your retainer as advised after treatment and teeth should remain in position indefinitely

Why should you choose cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is not a frivolous, solely self-serving investment. On the contrary, research shows the importance of an attractive smile. Consider the findings of these studies.

A study by reveals that the top attractive quality in a person is a beautiful smile. 

Kelton Global’s research found that 73% of Americans are more likely to trust someone with a nice smile over someone with nice clothes, a nice car, or an enviable job.

A study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that compared to people with smile flaws, people with nice smiles are considered to be:

  • More attractive
  • More intelligent
  • Happier
  • Successful in their career
  • Friendlier
  • Interesting
  • Kind
  • Wealthy
  • Popular with the opposite sex
  • Sensitive to others

Another AACD study determined that 74% of respondents believed career success is negatively impacted by an unattractive smile. 

This shouldn’t be surprising, yet it is. The University of California conducted a study that determined “attractive people” earn 12% more than others.

Oral B conducted a study that found white teeth can make a person appear five years younger and increase attractiveness by 20%.

Kelton Global also found that straight teeth make a person:

  • 21% more likely to appear happy
  • 47% more likely to be viewed as healthy
  • 38% more likely to be viewed as smart

Investing in your smile can alter, even transform, how you are perceived. After a smile makeover, you may not only feel more confident but actually be more successful in social, romantic, and professional pursuits!

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