If you’re looking for a qualified and skilled cosmetic dentist, Lakewood Dental Group has two of the best cosmetic dentists in Dallas, TX. Dr. Shaun Sigurdson and Dr. Mihir Patel combine their years of experience with advanced technology to deliver aesthetic solutions that illuminate and enhance their patients’ smiles.

Have you ever wondered how cosmetic dentists are able to expertly plan each patient’s unique treatment for a stunningly beautiful smile? The simple answer is: an in-depth smile analysis.

What is a smile analysis?

Of course, it’s easy to see smile flaws with the naked eye, but did you know that underlying structures can influence the appearance of a patient’s smile, too? A smile analysis is the evaluation of a patient’s distinctive dental alignment, bone structure, tooth shape, and gum tissue and how these factors influence their smile and overall appearance. 

Dr. Sigurdson and Dr. Patel use high-end technology to get crystal-clear images of the inside of the mouth and underlying bone structures. They also use advanced technology to skillfully create patients’ unique treatment plans. This means that patients can see how their smile will look even before they get any cosmetic treatments!   

What kinds of technology can analyze my smile?

At Lakewood Dental Group, we have several technological tools and programs to help us deliver beautiful smiles, including:

  • Digital X-rays
  • Intraoral cameras
  • iTero® digital scanners

Digital X-rays

Traditional X-rays use high-energy wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation to get images of internal bone and teeth structures. Film-based traditional X-rays are only harmful when a patient experiences frequent or prolonged exposure to radiation. 

However, Dr. Sigurdson and Dr. Patel always want to limit the amount of radiation that patients are exposed to in our office, especially children and pregnant women. That’s why we use digital X-ray technology, which releases 90% less radiation to capture high-quality images of the skull, jaws, and teeth. 

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras help Dr. Sigurdson and Dr. Patel get high-resolution images of hard-to-see areas of the mouth. These quality images help our team analyze patients’ dental positions so that we can create ultra-precise and highly-personalized treatment plans.

iTero Digital Scanner

The iTero digital scanner has revolutionized the field of cosmetic dentistry. These high-definition scanners produce 3D color images of patients’ entire mouths. Dr. Sigurdson and Dr. Patel also use iTero programming to skillfully map each patient’s distinctive treatment plan with unparalleled precision.

How does a smile analysis help cosmetic dentists deliver superior treatments?

When it comes to delivering traffic-stopping smiles, the tiniest details make the biggest impact. That’s why Dr. Sigurdson and Dr. Patel use smile analyses to create extremely precise cosmetic treatments, including:

    • Invisalign®: Our cosmetic dentists use digital technology to intricately map their patients’ personalized Invisalign treatment plans. They can also show patients what their smile will end up looking like after six to 18 months of consistent Invisalign wear.
  • Tooth contouring: Our team can demonstrate how minor changes to the shape and length of teeth can make a dramatic impact on the appearance of a patient’s smile.
  • Dental bonding: Similar to tooth contouring, Dr. Sigurdson and Dr. Patel can show patients what their smiles will look like before they commit to the dental bonding process.
  • Gum shaping: A gummy smile or uneven gums can make teeth appear small or misshapen. Using digital technology, our team can expertly plan where and how much gum tissue to remove for a more uniform smile.
  • Veneers and restorations: Patients who are getting veneers or restorations, like dental implants or dentures, can see how their smiles and faces will change with their custom-made prosthetics.

See How a Smile Analysis Can Transform Your Appearance

Are you ready to see how a skilled cosmetic dentist in Lakewood can help you get the smile of your dreams? If so, then schedule an in-depth smile analysis at Lakewood Dental Group today. 

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