Cosmetic Dentistry: Types and Costs

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Everyone wants to look and feel their best. Many of us get spa-like treatments and adhere to rigorous exercise routines to be our best selves. But, why stop at skin, diet, and exercise regimens to look and feel your best? Why not upgrade your appearance with transformative cosmetic dentistry solutions? At Lakewood Dental Group, we can do just that with our affordable, high-quality cosmetic dentistry options.

If you’re ready to amplify your smile and enhance your image, then schedule a consultation with our dentists in Dallas, TX. Dr. Shaun Sigurdson and Dr. Mihir Patel will thoroughly explore all of your options and make recommendations based on your unique aesthetic. So, don’t wait–get started now by calling our dental team at (214) 827-1885 or by requesting an appointment online

But, if you’re still not sure if cosmetic dentistry is worth it, then keep reading. Our team will discuss six cosmetic dental treatments, what they entail, and how much each procedure might cost. Knowing this information will help you make the right choice for your oral health and overall aesthetic.

Gum Shaping

Do you have beautiful, healthy teeth, but your gum tissue makes your teeth look small or uneven? If so, then gum shaping might be the perfect cosmetic dentistry solution for you. 

Gum shaping is a procedure in which our Dallas dentists trim a small amount of gum tissue around the teeth. This procedure is relatively painless and delivers impressive results in a short amount of time. 

Additionally, gum shaping is highly customizable, which means that you and our team can work together to get your perfect smile. Not only that, but gum shaping requires minimal recovery time. So, you don’t have to use valuable vacation days to heal after treatment.

How much does it cost?

The cost of gum shaping is largely dependent upon the extent of the treatment. However, most patients can expect to pay around $50 to $350 per tooth (without insurance).

Tooth Contouring

Do you have minor alignment issues, small chips, or uneven teeth? Then, a suitable cosmetic dentistry option for you might be tooth contouring

Tooth contouring is a fast and easy way to change the size and shape of your teeth. Dr. Sigurdson and Dr. Patel can trim or reshape your teeth to your unique specifications. So, you can build the smile of your dreams from scratch! 

How much does it cost?

Similar to gum shaping, the cost of tooth contouring depends on the number of teeth you want treated and how much work needs to be done. Typically, patients can expect to pay between $50 and $500 per tooth.

Dental Bonding

Our Lakewood dentists can use a composite resin material (also known as dental bonding) to change the shape and color of misshapen or stained teeth. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is minimally-invasive, but it delivers stunning results very quickly.

Dr. Patel and Dr. Sigurdson can use dental bonding to cover stubborn stains, close large gaps, reshape uneven teeth, and reinforce worn tooth enamel. So, not only does dental bonding give you a more aesthetically-pleasing smile, but it also strengthens your smile.

How much does it cost?

Dental bonding can last for decades (or even a lifetime!) with the proper care, making the estimated $300 per tooth a worthwhile investment. 

Porcelain Veneers

Do you want to get a perfectly-tailored smile that will last for years to come? Then, porcelain veneers might be the best cosmetic dentistry option for you.

Porcelain veneers are aesthetic and protective coverings made from dental-grade ceramic. This means that they are incredibly strong, realistic-looking, and compatible with your body.

Dr. Patel and Dr. Sigurdson must adhere porcelain veneers to the front surface of your teeth using an ultra-strong cement. This means that a small amount of your tooth enamel must be filed away to ensure that the veneers stick to your teeth properly. As a result, dental veneers are a permanent fixture and lifelong commitment. 

How much does it cost?

Porcelain veneers require more time, effort, and planning compared to other cosmetic dentistry options. Subsequently, patients can expect to pay around $900 per treated tooth. However, patients can get the most out of their investment by:

  • Avoiding behavior that can damage their veneers (like chewing on ice or fingernails)
  • Continuing proper oral hygiene every day (like once-daily flossing and twice-daily brushing)
  • Scheduling dental checkups and cleanings every six months at Lakewood Dental Group

Gap Closure

For many patients, gaps in their teeth (or diastemas) are a cute feature that they love flaunting. For other patients, however, gaps are a painful nuisance that they want to close.

If you want to close a large gap in your teeth, then you might consider a cosmetic dentistry solution known as diastema closure. Our Dallas dentists can use a variety of treatments to close a large gap, including:

Depending on your needs and budget, our team will help you choose the right diastema closure option for you.

How much does it cost?

Overall costs will depend on which method you choose to close large gaps between your teeth. For example, dental bonding may only cost you $300, veneers may cost you at least $900, and Invisalign treatment might cost you around $2,000

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