Jaw pain and TMJ Disorder can take a huge toll on your life. From interrupted sleep to discomfort while eating, chronic inflammation will affect nearly all of your daily activities. Fortunately, Dr. Shaun Sigurdson is trained in neuromuscular dentistry, allowing him to provide comprehensive care for TMJ Disorder and related concerns. Neuromuscular dentistry is a specialized branch of medicine that focuses on proper jaw position and bite alignment. At the same time, your Lakewood dentist takes a conservative approach. He will always recommend the simplest, least invasive treatment that will still provide lasting relief. 

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Oral Appliance Therapy for TMJ

Oral appliance therapy is typically the first line of attack for TMJ Disorder. This treatment is conservative, convenient, and can achieve dramatic results very quickly. Dr. Sigurdson offers several types of oral splints. Some simply prevent chronic teeth grinding and clenching, which is a leading cause of TMJ Disorder. Other appliances actually reposition the jaw to reduce pressure on the joints. You may only need to wear your splint at night, or you may require daytime use, as well. The right type for you will depend on the underlying reason for your jaw pain. But no matter which kind you receive, it will be custom designed from digital impressions of your teeth for a secure and comfortable fit.  

Occlusal Adjustment

When your bite is not properly aligned, it can place undue force on your temporomandibular joints. Whether you suffer from an overbite, underbite, or crossbite, if malocclusion is causing your TMD, you may be a candidate for an occlusal adjustment. During this procedure, your Dallas dentist will reshape the chewing surfaces of your teeth. In this way, he can redistribute the force of your bite and reduce the strain on your joints. As always, our minimally invasive philosophy means that Dr. Sigurdson will remove the smallest amount of tissue possible. 

TMJ Treatments

Along with appliances and occlusal adjustment, we offer several additional TMJ treatments. If you have widespread dental misalignment, you may require orthodontia. We proudly offer Invisalign®. This protocol is highly effective, yet the clear aligners are subtler and more comfortable than traditional braces. 

Medications can also alleviate inflammation, although this is usually a temporary measure. As a neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Sigurdson will address the root cause of your TMD, rather than merely masking the symptoms. For this reason, he may suggest physical therapy and/or lifestyle changes. Certain exercises can strengthen and stretch your facial muscles. Additionally, changing your posture or stopping certain behaviors, such as chronic gum chewing, may take pressure off of your joints. Finally, since anxiety can contribute to bruxism, Dr. Sigurdson may recommend counseling or effective stress reduction methods. 

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