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Dental implants are a safe, functional alternative to other restorative dental options to help you restore your smile if you are missing teeth.

If you are looking for a dentist in Dallas with significant experience in dental implants, you have come to the right place! Dr. Shaun Sigurdson has completed a fellowship in implant dentistry, and Dr. Mihir Patel routinely takes continuing education focused on restorative implants. With their combined training and expertise, they offer highly precise implant placement and beautiful, custom-designed restorations.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Implants can replace one or more missing teeth, and in many cases, they may be the most effective way to restore a full dental arch. To be considered for implants, you should have good oral health. Gum disease may disqualify you from implants, although your Lakewood dentist may be able to restore your candidacy with appropriate periodontal care.

Additionally, you must have adequate bone structure to support dental implants. Tooth loss often leads to rapid jawbone deterioration. Fortunately, bone grafting can rebuild your jaw and provide a foundation for your restoration.

What is the treatment process when receiving dental implants?

The first step in receiving dental implants is a full consultation during which your dentist will evaluate your candidacy and begin planning your implant placement. Then you will undergo oral surgery, during which your doctor will surgically fix one or more implant posts in your jaw. Drs. Sigurdson and Patel perform 3-D computer-guided implant surgery for more accurate placement with less impact on your bone.

As you heal, the bone tissue will seal around the implants, making them permanent fixtures in your mouth. During this time, you will wear a temporary bridge or denture. Once you have made a full recovery, you will return to our office, where your Lakewood dentist will attach your permanent, custom-crafted restoration.

What is the recovery time for implant surgery?

After implant placement, you may experience some inflammation, bleeding, and sensitivity for a few days. You may need to eat a soft diet for several weeks to avoid irritating your gums and compromising your dental implants.

It typically takes four to six months for implants to integrate fully with the jaw tissue. Only after total healing can you receive your permanent restoration. In some cases, however, you may be able to complete treatment in a single day with All-on-4® dental implants.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Implant-supported restorations are more stable and secure than removable bridges and dentures. Because they are permanently attached in the mouth, they are also highly realistic and virtually indistinguishable from your surrounding teeth. Moreover, you will be able to eat normally and care for your restoration much as you would your natural teeth.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of dental implants is their effect on your jawbone. Just like natural tooth roots, dental implants promote bone regrowth and can help to prevent jaw deterioration. With implants, you have a lower risk for further tooth loss and a changing facial structure.

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