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Sports Mouth Guards come in a number of different types, including over-the-counter options, sports mouthguards, and durable custom-made devices. Protect your teeth now to avoid oral issues later.

Playing sports is a great way to get active, improve your health, and make new friends. But, it’s also a great way to get accidental dental and orofacial injuries. That’s why our dentists in Dallas, TX, provide high-quality sports mouth guards for high-impact activities.

If you’re ready to ditch uncomfortable store-bought guards, then it’s time to consider the professionally-made sports mouth guards offered at Lakewood Dental Group. Dr. Shaun Sigurdson and Dr. Mihir Patel can help you protect your smile with comfortable protective gear so that you can keep doing the activities that you love.

What is a sports mouth guard?

A sports mouth guard protects the teeth, tongue, lips, and cheeks from injury during high-impact or high-velocity sports. Patients can also use these oral appliances to protect permanent orthodontics–like metal braces–from damage during activities.

Is a sports mouth guard really necessary?

Yes. According to the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), nearly 40% of all dental injuries are linked to sports. But, even with so many sport-related dental injuries, only about 7% of athletes wear protective dental guards.

However, many sports–like high school and college football–require athletes to wear mouth guards. Studies suggest that mandatory mouth guards have dropped football-related dental and orofacial injuries from approximately 50% to nearly 0.5%.

Sports mouth guards protect patients’ smiles so that they don’t have to spend money and time getting avoidable dental treatments. This means that they can keep doing the activities they love without missing any time playing or practicing their craft.

Can I use a night guard as a sports mouth guard?

No, patients should not use a night guard as a sports mouth guard. The material that our team uses to craft night guards is much thinner compared to the material used to make sports mouth guards. Subsequently, night guards will offer very little protection from sports-related oral injuries.

Why should I choose a professional mouth guard over a store-bought mouth guard?

Store-bought mouth guards typically come in two styles: one-size-fits-all or boil-and-bite. The one-size-fits-all style offers very little protection because it does not conform to the athlete’s teeth. Additionally, they tend to irritate soft oral tissues, like the gums and cheeks.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards offer more customizable protection, but they are generally bulky and hard to wear. Indeed, many athletes complain that boil-and-bite mouth guards make it much more difficult to talk and breathe during strenuous activity.

Professional sports mouth guards are completely unique to the athlete. This is because our team uses advanced technology to take precise topographical oral impressions that we use to create personalized protective appliances.

As a result, a professional mouth guard offers superior protection, fits better, and makes it easier for athletes to talk and breathe during activity.

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