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General & family dentistry's goal is to help you maintain optimal dental health. Dr. Shaun Sigurdson and Dr. Mihir Patel are trained to help you keep your smile healthy and bright for a lifetime.

Dr. Shaun Sigurdson and Dr. Mihir Patel offer a full range of family dentistry treatments for patients aged 13 and older. Our team is committed to patient safety and comfort. We use conservative methods, practice mercury-free dentistry, and closely adhere to infection control protocols.

Dental Exams and Cleanings

Biannual dental visits can prevent decay and help your Lakewood dentist to diagnose potential problems in the early stages. Our digital x-rays produce ultra-sharp pictures and involve significantly less radiation exposure than traditional imaging.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Every dental exam also includes a screening for oral cancer. Dr. Sigurdson or Dr. Patel will look for the signs of cancer, including mouth sores, white or red patches on the gums, and bleeding. Oral cancer has a much higher survival rate when the disease is caught early, another reason to make routine dental care a top priority.

Emergency Dentistry

When you experience a toothache, cracked tooth, or knocked-out tooth, it’s not always easy to find immediate care from dentists in Dallas. Fortunately, we offer same-day emergency services to end discomfort and potentially save your tooth. We can also provide instructions to help minimize damage and pain before you come into the office.

Bruxism Treatment

Chronic teeth grinding often causes jaw pain and permanent dental damage. Treatment for bruxism most commonly consists of a custom-made mouth guard, worn at night. If bruxism has caused cracks or dental erosion, we will recommend suitable restorative care.

Dry Mouth Treatment

Chronic dry mouth can cause pronounced discomfort, bad breath, a reduced sense of taste, and an increased risk of tooth decay. Your Lakewood dentist will evaluate the cause of your dry mouth and propose an appropriate solution, such as medication or a moisturizing product.

Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

Depending on the cause of your dental sensitivity, our dentists in Dallas may suggest fluoride treatments, gum grafting, crowns, bonding, or root canal therapy. In milder cases, they can recommend desensitizing toothpastes and other products.

Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatments

Drs. Sigurdson and Patel use silver diamine fluoride to treat minor decay, as well as tooth sensitivity. Applied topically, the fluoride strengthens and remineralizes teeth. It may keep decay from spreading and even prevent the need for more extensive restorative treatment.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on jaw alignment and bite position. It can be a particularly effective way to address TMJ Disorder and its related symptoms. Dr. Sigurdson has advanced training in this specific branch of medicine, providing oral appliances and other treatments.

Treatment for Sleep Disorders

Obstructive sleep apnea may leave you feeling exhausted and could even raise your risk for serious health conditions. We supply custom oral appliances to realign your jaw and keep your airways open while you sleep. Dr. Sigurdson’s training in neuromuscular dentistry makes him especially effective in the treatment of sleep apnea.

Sports Mouth Guards

If you or your teen plays contact sports, a mouth guard can prevent damage to your teeth and lips. Our custom-made appliances are more comfortable, secure, and effective than pre-made, store-bought mouth guards.

Tooth Extractions

In some cases, damaged teeth may be beyond repair. If you require an extraction, our gentle techniques and compassionate, personalized attention will help to set you at ease. Following extraction, we will also recommend an appropriate dental restoration, such as a bridge or dental implant.

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